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Full Flake

Full Flake EpoxyFirst, a base coat of direct-to-concrete industrial epoxy is put on the surface to make a strong bond with the concrete. After the epoxy is applied, the floor is then fully broadcast with the flakes of your choosing, including custom colors! Finally, a coat of clear polyurea is applied to give the finish a wet look shine that will last for many years to come.

The full flake system is resistant to oil, chemicals, hot tire pickup, and much more. This is a durable solution for many needs, including industrial, residential, interior, and exterior applications. This is the most durable coating we offer, which gives it resistance to failure in high traffic areas and with heavy cars and equipment passing over it.

There are many DIY kits that claim to do the same; however, the product is often misleading, and while it is an epoxy, it is more often than not water-based rather than the industrial epoxies we offer. DIY solutions will often fail within a few years due to improper preparation as well. The diamond grinding we do first is what gives our product the grip that will hold on for over 10 years!

Partial Flake

Partial Flake EpoxyFirst, a base coat of direct-to-concrete industrial epoxy is put on the surface to make a strong bond with the concrete. After the epoxy is applied, the floor is then partially broadcast with the flakes of your choosing, including custom colors!

This is a durable option that adds more durability and accents to a solid color system. A top coat of polyurea can also be added for greater strength and a wet-look shine. The partial flake epoxy we offer is heat resistant, a very durable coating, and has a wet-look shine.

There are many DIY kits of this kind specifically, and the look of this system outshines and outperforms all competition for many years to come. The concrete grinding we do before application, along with the high strength of our product, combine to give a finish to be proud of. The amount of chips we apply is also much more even and laid thicker than most other partial chip or flake systems.


Solid EpoxyThere are a multitude of color options for solid-color epoxy floors in order to suit each individual's taste. When completing a solid color floor, the floor will receive the same meticulous level of preparation as each of our floors.

The floor will be diamond ground in order to allow for full adhesion of the epoxy; all cracks and holes are filled in with a specialty filler; and then the top coat of epoxy is applied evenly in order to leave the cleanest finish possible.

The solid-color epoxy we offer is hot tire resistant and a very durable coating with a wet-look shine.

Garage Floor Painting and Epoxy Services Near Carrollwood

Oil spills, spray paint overflow, dirt and grime can diminish the appearance of your garage floor over time. Call Magnum Painting Elite to give your old garage floors a new look with epoxy or paint.

Magnum Painting Elite is the painting company Carrollwood residents call on to make a garage floor look instantly cleaner and fresher. The water-resistant, epoxy finish is easier to clean than concrete and eliminates the dust associated with concrete floors. Call today at 813-908-3498 for a fast, free quote in Carrollwood, Clearwater, Spring Hill, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Palm Harbor, Lutz, Inverness, Trinity or the surrounding area.

The Cost of Garage Floor Painting or Epoxy In Carrollwood:

Know the total cost of painting your garage floor with complete certainty. With Magnum Painting Elite, forget the shock of getting a bill with unforeseen expenses. Our garage floor painting and epoxy specialists conduct a comprehensive review of your project. We provide you with a price including not just painting supplies or labor but the total cost of painting or epoxying your garage floor.

Get Professional Prep Work and Clean Up

If the garage floor is prepped correctly your paint can last for years to come. To ensure a high-quality result, our professional epoxy garage floor painters pay close attention to prep work.

Steps To Epoxy or Paint Your Garage Floor

  1. The painters at Magnum Painting Elite fill small cracks with mortar repair compound and use concrete patch for larger cracks or holes.
  2. Concrete patchwork must dry completely. Depending on the weather, this can take up to 48 hours.
  3. Next, we etch the concrete surface to allow epoxy paint primer to absorb.
  4. After etching the concrete, we apply a milky layer of specialty paint primer or epoxy primer.
  5. Finally, the painters at Magnum Painting Elite apply several coats of paint or a one-part epoxy paint.

Garage Floor Painting and Epoxy FAQs

What Are the Benefits and Problems with Epoxy Floor Coating?

On the plus side, epoxy floor coatings are economical, resist damage and are easy to maintain. Epoxy is also chemical resistant, which is why it is popular for garage floors. Some people see the following as the negatives:

  • Epoxy floors do not muffle walking and contact noise.
  • The epoxy coating feels cold like a tile floor under foot.
  • Epoxy floors do not offer any non-fatiguing benefits.
  • Imperfections in the underlying floor may look like ripples once epoxy paint has been applied.

When Should You Not Epoxy a Garage Floor?

Epoxy can have adhesion problems. The epoxy coating doesn't adhere well in very cold temperatures or in humid and high moisture areas like a basement or bathroom. If adhesion is poor the epoxy coating will crack and peel.

How Long Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Last vs. Painted Concrete?

An epoxy floor painted to the correct thickness will last between 10 and 20 years and require minimal maintenance. A painted concrete floor may chip and peel quickly especially in high traffic areas. That can often result in the need for yearly touch ups.

The painters at Magnum Painting Elite are very conscientious when it comes to being clean and tidy. We keep our work area clean and complete a full clean-up quickly after finishing the project.

If you are looking for the best garage floor painting and epoxy painting company in the Carrollwood, FL area, give us a call today. We often serve homeowners in Carrollwood, Clearwater, Spring Hill, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Palm Harbor, Lutz, Inverness, Trinity.

If you are not in one of those cities or towns but still in the general Carrollwood area, please still give us a call. We are happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting.

Call us today at 813-908-3498 or request a free estimate.

what our customers say

Robert and his crew did a great job on the interior of my house and an amazing job on my garage floor. I highly recommend them!
, 04/30/2024

Wonderful Job and communication. Looking forward to working w/them again.
, 04/28/2024

Robert and his employees were very professional and did an excellent job in painting our new home. Thanks so much, I would recommend Magnum Painting Elite to anyone else looking for a painter.
, 04/28/2024

Robert and his crew did an excellent job repainting our home's interior. Edges look perfect. They also did a great job cleaning up after themselves, which is very appreciated. Considering their fair pricing, I'll likely be reaching out in the future to get some exterior painting done.
, 03/13/2024

Magnum Painting did a great job of painting our front entry doors and house trim. Robert and his crew completed the job in one visit, thanks for taking care of us!
, 03/08/2024

Robert and his team were hired to paint my family room and some adjacent rooms. They did such a great job! They were thorough with the prep work, and covering all the furniture and moving it to the center of the room. They taped off the floors and removed all the light switch plates. Because it was a team of four, they managed to do my entire living room, bathroom, and laundry in just over five hours. After a few estimates, I believe the value for their job well done is worth it.
, 02/13/2024